Is there an ideal temperature for premium e-liquids?

Is there an ideal temperature for premium e-liquids?

When you but premium e-liquid, you want to enjoy it to the max. But what is the ideal temperature to get the best taste from your e-liquid? E-liquid, or vape juice, is popular among vapours and is usually vaporized using e-cigarettes, mods or vape tanks. And with some vapes you can choose the exact temperature. Others allow vapers to select from a pre-determined predetermined range. And soe offer no choice. Some have a temperature control feature, but mostly, temperature can only be  controlled via the wattage.

Wattage refers to the unit of power being supplied to the coil. As the wattage is turned up, the heat increases. Higher wattage settings increase the temperature more rapidly. As the inside becomes hotter, the amount of vapour increases. The faster the vapour is produced, the more intense the flavour will be.

If your vape allows you to adapt or select the temperature, play about with it to find the perfect one for you. If not, and you’d like to upgrade, Artisan Vapours is here to help. Our website is full of top-quality vapes and premium e-liquids to give you the perfect vaping experience every time.

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